Brown-Ulman campaign releases fourth TV commercial, ‘Sundays’

April 9, 2014

30-second spot details Anthony Brown’s work to find safe and loving homes for every Maryland child


UPPER MARLBORO, MD – Tuesday, Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown released his fourth television commercial of the 2014 Gubernatorial Election, a 30-second spot entitled Sundays. The ad highlights Brown’s record of working to ensure every Maryland child has a safe and loving home, and details the impact that being an adoptive parent has had on his life.

Also Tuesday, the Brown-Ulman campaign began airing ads in the Washington, D.C. media market.

Over the last seven years, Brown has made improving Maryland’s child welfare system a priority, speaking at over 100 churches across the State to recruit foster parents and working to implement multiple state programs to move foster children into permanent homes and prepare them for adulthood. In his campaign for Governor, Brown also released a position paper and web video detailing his work on the issue.

“As an adoptive parent himself, Anthony Brown understands first-hand the impact a stable and loving home can have on a child’s life, which is why he’s made finding nurturing homes for every Maryland child a priority in office,” said County Executive Ken Ulman. “Anthony’s leadership has driven Maryland to help over 17,000 foster children find a permanent place to live over the last seven years, while recruiting and retaining over 2,000 foster parents. Whether working to improve Maryland’s child welfare system, building the best public schools in the nation for five years in a row, or raising the minimum wage, Anthony Brown is the best candidate to strengthen Maryland families.”

You can watch Sundays by clicking here:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.17.33 PM

First airing Tuesday, Sundays details the impact that being an adoptive parent has had on Anthony Brown’s life, spurring his work to find every Maryland child a safe and loving home. Brown spearheaded the Place Matters Initiative to find permanent families for foster children, as well as the Ready by 21 Initiative to prepare foster children for the challenges of adulthood. Brown has also spent the last seven years criss-crossing Maryland, speaking at churches about the importance of becoming a foster parent and making a personal appeal to prospective parents about the rewards, challenges, and importance such a role can play in a child’s life.Thanks to this leadership, Maryland has helped over 17,000 children find permanent places to live over the last seven years, reducing the number of children in foster care by 43 percent to a 26-year low. The State has also cut the number of children in group homes by 57 percent, and recruited and retained over 2,000 foster parents.Brown is building on that progress through the Brown-Ulman Caring for Maryland’s Children plan. The proposal will reduce the number of children in foster care by 1,000 over the next four years, a decrease of 17 percent, and cut the percentage of youth who leave foster care for a permanent home but are forced to return to the system by 10 percent over the same period.

Transcript from Sundays:

Anthony Brown:I never knew the impact that adoption could have on a life… until Jonathan came into mine. Mitchellville couple remembers joy of being new parents, again.” Dionne Irving, Gazette, 5/10/02Delegate Anthony Brown (Dist. 25) will celebrate their adopted son Jonathan’s second   birthday in July. Jonathan is the couple’s second child and has been with them since August 2000.


Anthony Brown:Every Sunday I have an opportunity when I go into churches to tell my story.



2014 gubernatorial race kicking off early?” Eric Hartley, Capital Gazette, 11/17/11Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has visited dozens of churches since he took office, often two in a single Sunday, his public schedule shows. He often speaks to congregations about adoption (he’s an adoptive parent) and domestic violence.


Anthony Brown:And to share the story of Jonathan… the joy he has brought to my life.  How amazing a young man he is.


Anthony Brown:Adoption and foster care can transform lives.



Children in Foster Care – Societal and Financial Costs,” Amanda Fixen, A Family for Every Child, Nov. 2011Children adopted out of foster care “…have home environments that are more favorable for child development and well being than children who remain in care.” (Zill, 2011). Additionally, adoption can improve many other outcomes.

Hansen (2006) describes that children adopted   from foster care, as opposed to those who remain in foster care, may experience a host of benefits.


Anthony Brown:Every child deserves a loving, caring home.
Anthony Brown:And it’s our responsibility to make sure that that happens. And the rewards? They speak for themselves. State data says adoption rate has increased over three years in Md.” Raven L. Hill, Baltimore Sun, 8/18/10Officials said the state still needs foster families who are willing to take in children temporarily, even though its goal is to reduce such placements. More than 2,225 new foster parents have been recruited in the past three years.





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