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Public Safety

No matter where you go in Maryland, people want the same things for themselves and their families: jobs and opportunities made possible by a good education, access to quality health care, and a clean environment.  But wherever you live – from Oxon Hill to Largo to Severna Park – these goals are possible only when our families are safe in their homes and their neighborhoods.

Anthony believes that we can achieve safer communities by focusing on our most violent offenders; ensuring that those who put our communities most at risk will be put behind bars and stay there; and by increasing investments in programs and services that support offenders and ex-offenders who are re-entering our communities.  By educating returning offenders and assisting them with housing and job opportunities we can improve our approach to recidivism and reentry, reduce crime and end the revolving door between the streets and incarceration.

Too many African American men are missing from our communities. From Ferguson to Baltimore, the patterns have become undeniable. Something is wrong when African American men are more likely to be stopped by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men. As someone whose cousin was murdered in Montgomery County, Anthony understands that no family is immune from violence and he believes we must commit to ensuring that fairness and justice guide the men and women who protect our communities, not the color of one’s skin.

As your Congressman, Anthony will:

  • Support law enforcement leaders and communities to work together to prevent crime, rather than measuring success just by the number of arrests or convictions;
  • Ensure that federal funds for local law enforcement are used to equip police with body cameras, and ensure best practices, training and use of technology, rather than buy military equipment and weapons that have no place on our streets;
  • Support a federal database that requires state and local law enforcement to report arrests, pedestrian and vehicular stops, and deaths involving police officers by race, gender, age and ethnicity to eliminate unfair treatment and disproportionate minority contact;
  • Modernize our approach to nonviolent drug offenses and focus law enforcement resources where they are most effective in reducing violence in our communities;
  • Ensure that the Violence Against Women Act remains strong, protects our women, men and transgender communities and is fully funded;
  • Push for passage of “ban the box” in federal, state and local employment practices; and
  • Create procurement preferences for federal contractors that employ hard-to-place non-violent ex-offenders.

By focusing our efforts on ex-offenders and implementing critical reforms, such as sentencing and marijuana decriminalization, we can achieve our goal of safer communities throughout Maryland and our nation.

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