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In the wake of the Great Recession, Big Banks and America’s wealthiest are once again prospering, but too many working families are being left behind. Washington has no shortage of representatives looking out for the 1%. Anthony Brown will go to Congress to build on his record of fighting to make sure our middle class is supported and strengthened in Maryland and beyond.

Anthony understands that it is harder today for working families to achieve or maintain a middle class lifestyle, working longer hours and in many cases taking on a second job. For too many communities and families across America, our economy is simply not providing the opportunity to achieve the American Dream it afforded past generations. Anthony believes that everyone who is willing to work hard and play by the rules should be able to support themselves and their family with a good-paying job. Labor unions are essential to accomplishing this goal.

As Lieutenant Governor and a member of the General Assembly, Anthony has been a consistent champion for working families. He fought to raise the minimum wage in 2006 and again in 2014.  He has consistently supported a prevailing wage to train and employ skilled workers and ensure higher productivity and quality on the job.  He was also a leading voice in establishing a living wage for government contractor employees. He supported extending collective bargaining to more units of state government as well as fair share legislation to strengthen worker’s rights.  He created a framework for public-private partnerships for infrastructure investments that will create 4,000 jobs annually and allow us to build the Purple Line. He also successfully implemented the BRAC process that has already brought nearly 50,000 jobs to Maryland and is projected to bring thousands more to locations across the state including Ft. Meade and Joint Base Andrews.

Many challenges remain.

As your Congressman, Anthony will be a forceful advocate on behalf of working families and labor unions to:

  • Raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00 an hour;
  • Close the unacceptable gender wage gap and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which gives women the tools they need to fight workplace discrimination;
  • Support paid sick leave so that no American has to choose between their job and their health or the health of a family member;
  • Make quality, affordable child care and universal prekindergarten a national priority to support working families and provide our children the opportunities they deserve;
  • Defend Social Security from Republican attempts to cut or privatize the program, reject efforts to raise the Social Security retirement age, and require workers earning more than $250,000 to pay their share so future generations are supported by this vital program;
  • Encourage profit-sharing in the private sector so that workers—and not just CEOs—can benefit from the record profits they’re helping to produce;
  • Protect President Obama’s signature health care initiative—The Affordable Health Care Act which is constantly under attack by Republicans;
  • Protect homeowners from predatory lending practices and unfair foreclosures;
  • Reform our tax code to reward businesses that invest in workers and production here in America, rather than shifting jobs and investments overseas;
  • Boost investments in infrastructure, including roads, bridges, railways, airports, public transit systems, ports, dams, wastewater plants, broadband and schools, to create jobs and support expanding communities;
  • Oppose any trade agreement that drives down wages at home and sends jobs abroad;
  • Fight for President Obama’s plan to provide free community college tuition for students all across America; and
  • Make it easier for workers to join unions and collectively bargain for better wages and benefits.

The last decade has been a time of economic upheaval and uncertainty, and with the current state of the global economy, that pattern is not going to change soon. Anthony will make sure that throughout this period Congress remains focused on supporting the middle class and ensuring working families have the opportunity to earn a living wage from a good job, rather than looking out for only the richest Americans and large corporations.

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