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Economic Development and Job Creation

“America was founded on the promise that if you’re willing to work hard, play by the rules, and get a good education, then there ought to be a path to the middle-class and an opportunity to build a better life for you and your family. This is why I’m committed to working to build strong communities and support strong families by growing our economy, creating jobs, building the most competitive workforce, and developing our business community. It’s a promise that I intend to keep.”

Anthony Brown


Progress: During his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, Anthony played a central role in growing our economy. Under his leadership, our unemployment rate remained consistently below the national rate. Maryland’s economy create jobs and expanded access to economic opportunities by making record investments in public education, partnering with the private sector, focusing on the middle class and being fiscally responsible. During his tenure as Lieutenant Governor, Maryland:

  • Maintained the State’s AAA bond rating – one of only nine states to do so during the national recession and nearly eliminated our structural deficit;
  • Became a national leader in industries such as biotechnology, life sciences and cybersecurity;
  • Made record investments in our public schools to earn the ranking of best school system in America five years in a row; and
  • Built one of the nation’s most highly skilled workforces.

Today, Maryland is home to the nation’s highest median household income, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks Maryland #1 for innovation and entrepreneurship and we were named the best state to start a business by Entrepreneur Magazine. Maryland is a regional and national leader in business, research and education and is positioned to keep growing by continuing to create family-sustaining middle class jobs for the future. 

Anthony led the State of Maryland on the following initiatives:

Building New Infrastructure in Maryland through Public-Private Partnerships: In order to create jobs and build a 21st Century global economy, we – as leaders in the public and private sector – need to work in partnership to build a 21st Century infrastructure. To meet this challenge, Anthony led a two-year effort to establish a strong, transparent and predictable process for future public-private partnership (P3) projects in Maryland. Anthony championed the new P3 law that is projected to create 4,000 jobs annually.

  • The Purple Line - The new P3 law will allow us to build the Purple Line as a public-private partnership. A critical project to our region’s transportation network, our communities and the environment, the 16-mile, $2.2 billion light rail Purple Line will connect Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. The project is expected to create up to 7,000 direct and indirect construction jobs, and will be the single largest transit project in our State’s history.

Creating Jobs by Implementing Base Realignment in Maryland: Relying on his experience as a Colonel in the United States Army, Anthony led the effort to successfully implement the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process in Maryland. BRAC has resulted in tens of thousands of new and existing private and public sector jobs, millions of dollars of investment and crucial infrastructure upgrades in Maryland.  Anthony led numerous initiatives to make BRAC a success at Ft. Meade, Joint Base Andrews and other military installations in Maryland. These included:

  • Preparing our Infrastructure – With thousands of new families and businesses moving into the State and with communities growing – Anthony led the effort to invest over $3 billion to build new schools, increase capacity at our community colleges, expand our water and sewer systems and make critical transportation improvements, including new intersections, roads and sidewalks at Fort Meade and Joint Base Andrews and surrounding communities.
  • BRAC Higher Education Fund – Anthony oversaw the creation of the BRAC Higher Education Fund. The fund provided more than $3.7 million to 19 colleges, universities and community colleges to help develop academic programs to meet the needs of our employees and businesses. These included offering specialized classes in engineering, cybersecurity, science, technology, and computer science.
  • BRAC Community Revitalization Zones – In 2008, Anthony spearheaded legislation creating the BRAC Community Revitalization program. The BRAC Zones promoted local hiring, provided resources to communities impacted by BRAC, created financial incentives to focus growth in designated areas, and assisted local governments in improving public infrastructure.

In recognition of his leadership on BRAC, Anthony was awarded the 2011 Policymaker/Elected Official of the Year by the Association of Defense Communities (ADC).

 Expanding Opportunities to Minority and Women Owned Businesses: Anthony has championed expanding opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses. Under his leadership, funds awarded to qualified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firms increased 70% since 2007 – taking Maryland from $1.1 billion in MBE procurement in 2007 to $1.9 billion in 2012. To expand opportunities and ensure the success of our MBE businesses, Anthony:

  • Worked to apply the State’s MBE goals to Maryland’s school construction program and apply the State’s goals to regulated utilities through a memorandum of understanding;
  • Made the MBE certification process more rigorous and transparent; and
  • Hosted a series of “MBE Universities” so that MBE businesses could network with State agencies and private firms, obtain training, and learn about upcoming opportunities.

As a result, in 2012 Maryland for the first time achieved its goal of 25% MBE participation.  Under Anthony’s direction, Maryland subsequently raised the bar by increasing Maryland’s MBE participation goal to 29%. These efforts have resulted in more women-owned and African-American-owned businesses per capita in Maryland than in any other state.

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